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Coach Dina, our most recent volunteer coach, found rowing later in life. After rowing over 3 million meters on indoor ergs, she decided to try rowing on the water and was instantly hooked. She loved the sport, and the proven idea that anyone at any age can learn to row, so much, she became a certified row coach, then also recently got her adaptive rowing certification. Coach Dina loves coaching novice rowers and seeing their fears and worries about getting on the water turn to excitement and confidence as they figure out how to move the boat and find their rhythm. Seeing a group of veterans row the barge in unison for the first time, watching an adult student who has never tried a water sport before settle into a comfortable stroke, hearing a child who was afraid of the water come in from their first time rowing and say, "That was easy!" ... these things never get old.

Coach Dina was born in the Uzbek SSR, grew up in Canada, and came to the United States as a young adult. She discovered her love of teaching when she taught undergraduate chemistry in order to pay for her law school education. She continued to teach when practicing law, and carried on teaching when her children asked to be homeschooled over 10 years ago. In true homeschool style, Coach Dina loves tending to her chickens, turkeys and garden, bakes a lot of bread and character cakes, and travels with her children to the places they learn about. 

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