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Coach Mike has been rowing since his first year at the Naval Academy over 40 years ago. He still enjoys masters competition in both local and regional regattas, especially the longer "head" style races such as the San Diego Fall Classic, where he is undefeated in a masters pair or double since 2019. Coach Mike co-coaches the Community Rowing of San Diego High School team with Coach Naomi, expertly training students who have never rowed before to regatta competition, sometimes within weeks of the student's first rowing lesson. He also helps run the CRSD summer and school break camps, working with kids of all ages.

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Coach Mike has a Master's degree in Aeronautical Science and enjoyed 21 years in the Navy as a helicopter pilot and in staff positions in operations and strategic planning. After retiring from the Navy, he went on to work for a large aerospace and defense company. Since his retirement from that second career in 2018, he has devoted his time to rowing, travel, and CRSD. When he isn't in his coaching launch, giving side-by-side instruction on the water through his mega phone, or in a sweep pair training for the next regatta, Coach Mike can usually be found in the CRSD boathouse. He builds, rebuilds, and maintains all of the CRSD boats and equipment. Coach Mike very literally keeps CRSD afloat!

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