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We are in the process of launching our coastal rowing program. Learn about coastal rowing and fill out our interest form below!


What is coastal rowing?

Coastal rowing stands apart with its broader hulls and stern designs that facilitate water drainage, making it ideal for navigating open waters with waves and wind. It appeals to thrill-seeking adventurers who relish the challenge of unpredictable conditions and scenic coastal environments. This niche in rowing is rapidly growing, especially appealing to those lacking access to traditional flat-water locations. Compared to Olympic-style boats, coastal rowing crafts offer greater stability, making it more accessible for beginners. Mastery in coastal rowing demands knowledge of tidal patterns, course topography, and adeptness in handling maritime traffic and adverse weather conditions.


In competitive coastal rowing, two main event formats dominate. The first, Beach Sprints, is a dynamic 500-meter slalom starting on land where rowers sprint to their boats, navigate a buoy-marked course, execute a sharp turn, and sprint back ashore, testing both rowing skill and agility. Despite its shorter distance compared to flat-water races, Beach Sprints are intensely competitive with head-to-head racing and rapid-fire scheduling. The second format, Endurance racing, spans distances of 4,000 to 6,000 meters across diverse courses where precise buoy navigation is crucial to avoid penalties. This format's excitement lies in its variability and the strategic challenge of navigating unseen buoys depending on racing conditions, demanding strong navigational instincts on the water.


Why has coastal rowing been trending lately?

The International Olympic Committee has announced that Beach Sprint Rowing, part of the Coastal Rowing discipline, will debut at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games alongside Classic Rowing, marking the first time rowing will be featured in two distinct disciplines at the Olympics. This decision follows a decade of development supported by World Rowing and its global community, aiming to expand the sport through increased investments and participation in major multisport events. Beach Sprint Rowing's inclusion is seen as transformative for rowing, enhancing global exposure and accessibility while aligning with Olympic values of universality, gender equality, and sustainability. Final decisions on events and formats will be made after the Paris 2024 Olympics, with plans for the Games scheduled from July 14-30, 2028, and qualifiers starting with the 2025 World Rowing Coastal Championships & Beach Sprint Finals.


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