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Community Rowing of San Diego is a non-profit, volunteer run group of diverse individuals who are committed to expanding access to the sport of rowing in San Diego County and getting our community fit and out on the water. CRSD volunteer coaches wholeheartedly devote their time, expertise, resources, and enthusiasm to get you, your family and friends enjoying the benefits of San Diego's amazing waterways. And we couldn't run our programs without help from our incredible interns. Rowing is a low impact sport that uses 86% of your muscles. The Sweetwater Marsh and the San Diego Bay offer unparalleled beauty and tranquility. Come get fit while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of rowing on the water with us!

Coaches Naomi, Dina, Heather, and Mike
Coach Mahinda
Coach David Frost
Coach Dina
Coaches Mike and Naomi
Coach Heather
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