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Community Rowing
San Diego

Welcome to Community Rowing of San Diego. Founded in 2012, we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer run community service organization committed to providing equitable access to watersports and expanding access to the sport of rowing. Through our USRowing certified volunteer coaches, CRSD provides Learn to Row classes, a competitive high school team, youth aquatics camps and after school aquatics programs, adult rowing packages, kayak rentals, veterans and adaptive programs, programs for private groups, and more. Using our partnerships with the Port of San Diego, organizations like USRowing, The George Pocock Foundation, Concept2, and Live Well San Diego, and through generous donations by people like you, Community Rowing of San Diego is dedicated to bringing the sport of rowing to underserved youth and families in our community, thereby improving our community's fitness and success. Regardless of your age, athletic ability, fitness level, or water experience, CRSD is eager to get you engaged in a lifetime love of watersports.

Located in the National City Aquatic Center at Pepper Park, Community Rowing of San Diego has access to the Sweetwater Channel, the entire San Diego Bay, and the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. Operated by the Port of San Diego, our facility includes a 1,500 square foot multipurpose room overlooking the channel where we train students of all ages on our indoor rowers (ergs), changing rooms with restrooms and hot showers, boat storage, a boat launch, and docking areas. Pepper Park further offers several picnic areas, a playground for children, and public restrooms.

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Why Rowing?

Rowing is one of the best forms of exercise. As a low impact sport that uses 86% of your muscles, rowing is accessible for people of all ages. Because rowing engages your entire body in both a cardio and muscle-building workout at the same time, you get full body fitness benefits in a fraction of the time commitment of other popular workout routines. Many people mistakenly believe that rowing is primarily an upper body sport. While that is true of many paddle sports, rowing is actually a 60% leg, 30% abs and lats, and 10% arm sport. Using primarily the body's largest muscles, rowing burns more calories in less time while the mechanics of rowing place less strain and tension on joints than the majority of other sports. This makes rowing a sport that can be started and enjoyed at any age, and a perfect form of fitness for both beginner gym users and elite athletes.

Rowing is a very versatile sport as it can be done indoors and outdoors, on land and on water. Rowing allows you to enjoy the serenity of a sunrise or sunset on your favorite body of water, revel in the camaraderie of training hard with your crew, or feel the adrenaline rush at the start of a regatta, all in one sport.  If the weather is inclement or you are not in the mood to face water, rowing can be enjoyed indoors on an ergometer. Invented in the 1980s, air resistance based indoor rowers have become so popular, indoor rowing is now a competitive sport with national and international competitions. Original manufacturer, Concept2, also hosts online challenges to keep athletes engaged with the growing indoor rowing community, and group fitness gyms like Row House add a social element to the sport of indoor rowing. Leisurely sculling in a single in search of dolphins, training with your crew in an 8+, racing with your crew in a quad, or pushing toward a new personal best on an erg--rowing offers endless opportunities for fitness, friendship, and fun.

Rowing teaches important life lessons of persistence, motivation, teamwork, being in the moment, and connecting with your inner purpose. A sport that demands precision, even the best rowers in the world never reach perfection. While a student can quickly learn how to move and maneuver a rowing shell, the timing and synchronization required of the row stroke engage rowers in a lifetime of practice. Students quickly learn that repetition brings progress and skill. Whether rowing on the water or on an erg, alone or with a crew, there is always the split to drop, the endurance to build, the rhythm to improve. We aren't going to lie to you--rowing is a challenging sport. There are so many challenges to face--fear of flipping the boat, throwing the rest of the crew off, being the slowest on the crew, utter exhaustion, callouses on your hands. But facing those challenges builds character and grit and leads to so many benefits, including a fit body and mind, the healthy joy of sunshine, fresh air, and water, and the boost in confidence that you can succeed in a challenging sport. 

Why Row with CRSD?

Community Rowing of San Diego is small for a rowing club. Because CRSD is smaller, we give you a more personalized experience. CRSD's volunteer coaches make it a priority to learn every student's name, to adapt our coaching style to each student's needs, and to welcome you with joy and enthusiasm whether it's your first visit or your hundredth.


Community Rowing of San Diego's focus is inclusivity. We believe that everyone can enjoy aquatic sports and must have equal access to the kind of fitness, therapeutic benefits, friendship and community that aquatic sports offer. Whether you need equipment adaptations, individualized programs, or other assistance to get on the water, we are here to help you.


Community Rowing of San Diego's mission is to increase access to the sport of rowing, so we love novice rowers. Never tried a water sport before? Thinking about improving your fitness? Wanting to experience a new sport? Looking for a sport your family or friends could learn together? We're here to safely and comfortably get you and your family enjoying San Diego's waterways while improving your well-being through the amazing sport of rowing.

Already an experienced rower? CRSD rowing packages offer an affordable opportunity to practice on the gorgeous Sweetwater Channel and San Diego Bay. Because of generous equipment donations from CRSD's partners at the Port of San Diego, USRowing, Concept2, the San Diego Rowing Club, the ZLAC Rowing Club, Dark Horse Rowing, the support of The Pocock Foundation and kind individuals, we have an excellent variety of equipment for you to use--from ergs to racing shells, recreational boats to kayaks, the training barge to SUPs.

Thinking about CRSD's afterschool programs or camps for your children? We maintain a ratio of a maximum of 6 kids per coach, and try to keep that ratio at a maximum of 4 kids per coach. Those ratios allow CRSD coaches to get to know and encourage each child while keeping them safe as they learn and improve their oarsmanship. We have campers that come year after year and join our various afterschool programs and high school team. They form lasting friendships and welcome new kids with open arms. CRSD Youth Programs don't just teach kids how to row, they teach strength, conditioning, resilience, and a love of outdoor fitness for life. 

If you are looking to row with a big club, to walk onto a big team or to practice with larger groups of people, we recommend looking at our friends and partners at the San Diego Rowing Club and the Zlac Rowing Club. They offer a variety of programs on Mission Bay. CRSD wants you to get out, row, and enjoy the San Diego waterways no matter where you choose to do so! If you choose to try rowing with CRSD, we will be happily waiting to greet you.


Come row with CRSD! You just might find your lifetime sport. 

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To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance.
If your class or camp is cancelled prior to the first day you will be refunded the full amount.  If the cancellation occurs after the start of the program then the refund will be prorated for the number of days that service was provided.  Refunds will occur within 10 days.
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